Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some commonly asked questions about Form-A-Tube™.  If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, please contact us and we will get back to you shortly.

Q:     What is the length of Form-A-Tube™ panels?

A:     The standard length of each panel is 8-ft (96 inches) for ease of shipment via UPS.  Please contact us for ordering longer panels.

Q:     How can you make longer forms with 8-ft long panels?

A:     You can create longer forms by changing the length in adjacent Form-A-Tube™ panels.  For example, to create a 12-ft long form, the first panel can be 8-ft long at the bottom, spliced with a 4-ft long panel; the next adjacent panel can be a 4-ft long panel at the bottom spliced with an 8-ft long panel; this pattern can be repeated to create a 12-ft tall tube.

Q:     What diameter is Form-A-Tube™ available in?

A:     The Form-A-Tube™ panels are 6.28 inches wide.  This allows you to build tubes of any even diameter size.  For example, 5 panels will make a diameter of 10 inches, 6 panels will make a diameter of 12 inches, and so on.

Q:     Are Form-A-Tube™ panels resistant to UV rays?

A:     Yes.  Form-A-Tube™ is manufactured with PVC that has been treated with UV protective additives to offer a long service life for the system.

Q:     What are Form-A-Tube™’s terms & conditions?

A:     Please view Form-A-Tube™’s terms & conditions here:

Q:     What is Form-A-Tube™’s privacy policy?

A:     Please view Form-A-Tube™’s privacy policy here: